Tax crack down for internet companies

June 10, 2016

A crackdown on tax evasion may mean that internet companies will have to provide more information on people and businesses who sell online. HM Revenue & Customs want to target businesses that have not registered for tax, and also individuals who do not declare the money they make online. Known as “hidden economy” it is believed to […]

Blue Abstract inspiration

Make an impression on your customers in 5 seconds.

May 10, 2016

Internet speeds are getting faster. It’s safe to say that most of your customers take higher than average speeds for granted. To an end user, internet speed is not about data transfer rate: it’s about how quickly information appears before them, or how long it takes to get a response. You can have the fastest […]

Be careful what you trend with

Be careful what you trend with

May 10, 2016

The online world and its tech is still moving fast and morphing and developing as it goes. We hear about new trends all the time, but be careful how you get used to them as although some stay, many change, upgrade or perhaps just fizzle out. The pace of change towards the way mobile technology […]


Google’s RankBrain

May 5, 2016

Google has recently produced a computer program which won a series against the Go World Champion. As always when it comes to Google, this isn’t altruistic. This is to help improve their artificial intelligence and machine learning systems so they can improve their search results. RankBrain has been added to the 200 ‘signals’ used by […]

Come and visit us at the Huntingdon Business Fair

April 19, 2016

  We will be attending the Huntingdon Business Fair on Thursday, 21 April at Wood Green Animal Shelters from 10.00am to 4.00pm. Please come and visit us on Stand I9 where we will be happy to help you with all of your website, digital marketing and hosting enquiries. Ask us about our Event Promotion: Free Adword […]

Nexus mobile crawler

Google’s mobile crawler is no longer an iPhone

April 14, 2016

Google-bot has been crawling the web, caching and analysing your websites, so it’s search algorithm can then rank your website accordingly. Google can pretend to be a desktop or mobile phone to see how your site works on that device. It then alters its search results so if you’re searching from a mobile phone, it […]

LeanCMS home page

Websites for B2B manufacturers and distributors on LeanCMS

April 5, 2016

It’s here! The new, more informative LeanCMS website. LeanCMS is Realnet’s own innovative web platform (CMS) which has been specifically designed to meet the needs of business to business (B2B) manufacturers and distributors. The exciting new design includes homepage video, plenty of icons and small digestible blocks of content to aid your understanding of what […]


Google relegates free listings

March 17, 2016

Google has been changing the layout of its search results page. The Adwords down the right hand side have now disappeared. Google says this is because they didn’t have ads down the right hand side on mobile phone searches, so doing the same on desktop is tidying things up. However, we’re also fairly convinced that […]


Google’s next big thing in mobile search

March 7, 2016

Mobile web browsing is now bigger than desktop web browsing! Using that as an indicator in their search results last year Google are already insisting on mobile friendly/responsive websites. Google have now moved on to the next mobile frontier with the Accelerated Mobile Pages Project (AMP). It is based on ensuring that mobile web pages load up […]

screen shot 2016-02-24 at 12.53.30 pm

Facebook’s all new ‘Like’ reactions.

March 3, 2016

Life has just got more interesting for Facebook users with the new ‘Like’ reactions. The social networking giant has recently launched emoji-style Reactions, which will allow you to express your feelings in more depth. Reactions – which were being tested in Spain, Ireland and a few other places – are now available everywhere. Mark Zuckerberg, […]